I started Rollio.com back in 2004 under my company Minimal Inc. I had big plans to compete with Google and make my own search engine. I had great ideas of my own that would have been very helpful at the time. I tried some white label software and realized very quickly that I didn’t have the resources to complete with any of the popular search engines. There were no “tools” available for a 1 person startup to develop something on this scale.

Check out the old site here: https://web.archive.org/web/20040922001524/http://www.rollio.com/

I have since moved Rollio™ out from under Minimal Inc. and made it into it’s own company, Rollio Limited. Rollio™ will now focus on mobile app and web development. One of my apps, SnapGoat™, currently in the design phase will be implementing some of my early ideas for a search engine.

With the popularity of mobile apps, I realized I can put my ideas into use at a much lower cost and there are now many free tools available to get it done. Scaling is no longer an issue. Outsourcing can provide great resources for a small business like this to really get the ball rolling. I am using UpWork.com to find coders. Perhaps I will get this site redesigned properly soon.

My plans have pivoted and I’m excited to be able to put some great ideas into use.


You can contact me at Admin at Rollio.com



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